Modern materials and beautiful aerial photos of Icelandic landscape in one


Aerial photographs by Sigurgeir Sigurgeirsson above Landeyjarsandur in Iceland

Landscape Long-John's

The meaning of the word 'Föðurland' in Icelandic is warm underwear or long-john's

Föðurland // Fatherland

Unisex coat that changes into a bag in 3 easy steps

Convertible CoatBag

Pack your soft carry-on inside the coat and convert your coat into a bag


Order your custom made TravelCoat by our tailor. Connect through

Choose your own fabrics

Indoors // Outdoors

Landscape clothing handstand in Icelandic nature

Activity Wear

Everyday Wear

TravelCoat // Made by Measure

Tailor Made

Unisex garment with mask and storage feature

Travel Safe

CoatBag Conversion

The idea is not to constantly be converting your coat into a bag, but it can come in handy. For example when travelling and it is warm in the daytime and cold in the evening. Or when you are at a concert and tired of holding your coat in your arms.

The CoatBag // TravelCoat

How to convert coat into bag:

First step: Gather front laces in a bow. Second step: Guide scarf through circles made in first step. Third step: Take off jacket and pull bottom strap straight through the sleeves and tie a knot.

Coat has been converted into a bag

Uncertain Weather

Unisex coat in black and green. TravelCoat by Ágústa Hera

Large Pockets & Travel Hack


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